Creating process

ELG: "Keep up the wonder"

Tapestry weaving is a fascinating art medium and a fantastic exploration in terms of color, form and materials. Tapestry weaving is labor intensive. This means that an image will take many months to design and weave, at the least, and a large piece can take even years. A skilled, professional tapestry weaver, who works 35-40 hours a week at the loom, can weave about 1 square meter a month. Everything starts with an idea that may come as a word, color or sign and just wants to be materialized. I'm creating one of a kind artwork - from A to Z, from an idea/sketch to the finished unique textile art piece.

Setting up the weaving frame may seem technically a simple thing but it is of utmost importance to warp the linen evenly and with specific tightness as it affects enormously the whole weaving process.

Oh, the joy of selection of yarns and, if necessary, dyeing the wool to acquire the exact hue required. The guidelines of the main color palette are always thoughtfully and carefully laid out, although the nuances might change and become much more elaborated during the weaving process. It might sound and seem extremely archaic but I use only my fingers and a fork in creating my tapestries. The most exciting is the weaving process itself; this is where the real story begins. I am fully immersed in creation, selecting and putting in every tiniest yarn is of utmost significance, as it won’t be able to change anything afterwards. I hate to be distracted and don’t listen even to music while weaving. I adjust not only the color combinations but also technical means and implement my own author’s technique where I find it necessary. Nevertheless, I have always been a true admirer and advocate of classical tapestry.

I have always kept wondering about the beauty of the creation of a tapestry and a satisfaction of a finished art piece, yes, it is so unique that I can’t repeat it myself.