Welcome to Elina’s contemporary collection of unique handcrafted designs. With linen being so imprinted in Latvian history and our rich cultural heritage it was quite natural to incorporate it into my designs. The rawness of the linen texture and the grainy, sometimes imperfect look of flax fiber are the limitless sources of inspiration for my linen designs. Linen fabrics, especially in their natural palette are simply gorgeous, timeless and pure. Designs with linen will always serve as a background for imagination, creativity and contemporary elegance and will be a perfect addition to any home or interior – either classic or contemporary. I am passionate in creating functional textile designs and endorse the idea that the objects we live with even in our everyday life should hold artistic value.

One of the hallmarks of my collection is graphic design series which essentially showcase the use of clean lines and simple geometric forms with harmony and proportion. By keeping the color scheme neutral and using the similar combination and textures of fabric throughout the different pieces complement each other and could be mixed and combined.

In my graphic designs I oftentimes prefer using stark contrasting natural dark and light shades of linen, and juxtaposing them to some bright red or other vibrant color thus introducing more dynamic approach to composition and artistic expression. Through ever increasing artistic approach in style and look I am committed to creating unique contemporary textile designs that combine high decorative qualities as well as pure and timeless appeal.