Master classes

I’ve always put the emphasis on doing things very thoroughly and methodically. That refers not only to technical skills, but also to research. I practise studying the theme (subject) in historical, as well as theoretical aspect in order to see their very special and distinct place in contemporary context. It involves being very open to current events in contemporary textile field, as well as that of arts in general. Since studying at Latvian Academy of Arts I’ve always been very curious and eager to broaden my knowledge about happenings in the art world on international scale.

Over the last 15 years I have been invited to teach during the Quilt and Patchwork Festivals in Europe - Birmingham (Great Britain), St. Marie-aux-Mines (France), St. Moritz (Switzerland), Reykjavik (Iceland), St. Petersburg and Moscow (Russia), Canada, St.Paul and Minneapolis (USA).

My aim for classes is to encourage and teach how to develop one’s own artistic style and create unique decorative surfaces by using and experimenting with different fabrics and materials, new fibers and textures as well as creative machine embroidery.